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Marblehead may be associated with seaside fun and old sailor mansions, but this coastal town is actually home to one of the most beautiful castles in Massachusetts and the only one in the state. Perched on a cliff overlooking Gloucester Harbour, this remarkable castle is home to a rich and eccentric inventor who filled his castle with his inventions.

Built in 1875 as a summer residence, Ventfort Hall was the centre of the Berkshires "social season in the 1890s and early 1900s. This impressive castle was built in 1875 for the family of William D. and Catherine of Aragon, the first wife and daughter of King George V. Part of a series of summer cottages built around the same time as the castle at its original location in Gloucester, it houses a number of historic buildings.

Today, visitors can take a guided tour of the property and explore the historic buildings and a number of other historic sites. Another venue, Winnekenni Castle, built in the 1870s, boasts an impressive collection of historic houses, a museum and a private residence for private guests.

The North End Italian Festival brings a taste of Italy to Haverhill Riverwalk in downtown Havershill. The Malden River Greenway is part of the Mystic Greenways Trail System, which also includes the Wellington Greenway and the Mohawk River Trail. Interesting activities and attractions include the New England Brides Convention Center and the Bridal and Bachelorette parties, as well as a number of restaurants and bars in the area. Mystic River Greenways is a member of its pathway system, which includes Melbourne Green Way, Boston Waterway and other paths in the area.

The Winnekenni Park Conservation Area in Haverhill consists of a 1.5 km section of the Haverhill River in the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The crime rate in Haverhill is well above the national average, with violent crime and property crime being the two most common types of crime in the city and the second highest in Essex. This is important because overall crime can be further illuminated by the fact that it is a very high crime rate community. Although it is located in a large city in Essex County, there are also high levels of violent crime, including murder, robbery, assault and assault, and property offences. Havershill ranked first on the crime index, with a score above the federal average for both violent and violent crimes, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety's Uniform Crime Report.

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This road trip takes about five and a half hours, and you will want to schedule enough time to actually get out and see these fantastic sites. Of course, it is not predominantly medieval, but it is still one of the most spectacular and enchanting buildings in the state. This road trip takes you to the best - of - the best castles in Massachusetts, with minimal planning on your part.

This incredible property actually houses a museum from the golden age, where you can live out your fantasies of Downtown Abbey to the fullest. Built a little over 100 years ago by Stephen Salisbury III, this tower is one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire state of Massachusetts and the only one still in operation.

You can visit the stately mansion and then take a stroll along Crane Beach in time for some sunshine. The Whitney Spur Rail Trail runs through dense forest from the MBTA Cohasset Station to the edge of Wompatuck State Park. This 1.4-mile run runs along the coast of Crane Beach, a popular tourist destination in the city of Salem. The Beverly Canal in Salem, also known as the Grand Wenham Canal, is scenic and peaceful, with hard, dirt roads and scenic views of Boston and the Boston skyline.

The Salisbury Point Ghost Trail is currently about five miles long and runs from MBTA Cohasset Station to the edge of the national park. This 2.5 km hiking trail in Salem State Park offers scenic, rural, wooded areas with stunning views of the wetlands and views of Cape Cod and the Boston skyline and the city of Boston.

The Methuen Rail Trail connects three communities in northeastern Massachusetts, based on the former Boston and New England Railway Company railroads. The Tri-Community Greenway follows the original plan to build a railway line to serve the Stoneham shoe factory and to ensure passenger transport. It connects the three communities in northeastern Massachusetts on the old Boston rail tracks to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) station.

The Hannover Branch Rail Trail connects the communities of Abington and Rockland with the southeastern outskirts of Boston. Haverhill is at the intersection of two of the state's most popular hiking trails, the Methuen and Han.

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More About Haverhill