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For the first time this winter, the home of the New England Patriots will host its own Christmas lights. It is one of the few indoor light displays that will be available in winter, and you will find them everywhere in the city of Haverhill and the rest of Massachusetts.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore the world around them and to be curious, whether it is building ramp blocks or learning about the world around them. Little artists can choose from a huge selection of fun colors and create their own creations from a variety of materials such as wood, paper and plastic.

The Buttonwoods Museum (haverhillhistory.org), housed in a federal-style mansion dating back to 1814, tells the story of the region from its beginnings with the deed of Haverhill in 1641. According to the museum's website, the document details the land the Pennacook Indians sold to the English. If you're interested in history, you can also learn more about how Havershill got its nickname by visiting the Buttonwoodes Museum.

The poetry of the Bard, reciting poems from the collections of William Shakespeare, John Milton and other famous poets.

Not to be missed is the River Ruckus Festival, which offers live music, food, crafts, games and other activities for children and adults. Interesting activities and attractions include the Bridesmaids Bridal Show, a wedding reception and wedding dress competition, and the Haverhill Historical Society.

In downtown Haverhill, the North End Italian Festival brings a taste of Italy to Havershill Riverwalk. Get your maritime solution at this stop, located on the south side of the river, just a short walk from the city centre. Start with the Discovery Detective Pack, where you can borrow a Discovery Detective Pack and take yourself on a journey through the oldest and most famous crime scene in the world.

The venue, Winnekenni Castle, built in the 1870s, also boasts a variety of historical exhibits, including the Haverhill Museum of Natural History and the Havershill Historical Society.

The Winnekenni Park Conservation Area at Havershill consists of a 1.5 km walk through the forest and a 2000 hectare nature reserve. The walk takes you through snow-covered hemlock and fern fields, while the 600 hectares offer a variety of opportunities to hike among trees, snowflakes and snow-covered debris, looking for signs of wildlife. Speaking of nature, the castle offers one of the most beautiful views in the state of Massachusetts, overlooking Haverhill Bay and the Boston River.

There is a residential area where you can see the steep hills, as well as a beautiful view of the Boston River and the city skyline.

Haverhill is one of the more affordable cities in the area, relatively speaking, for those moving from the Boston suburbs. The median home price in Haver Hill is $264,500, less than half the cost of a comparable home in Boston, but still quite high compared to neighboring cities. This city offers a variety of museums and architecture that highlight the early settlement of this city.

Hand - interactive exhibitions and educational programs make this hotel a favorite place for families to spend the day on the north coast. I like Harbor Place, where they host a variety of events, such as the annual Haverhill Art Festival and the Newburyport Arts Festival. Visit the Jabberwocky Bookshop (pictured) if it's just too cold to skate outside, or head to Newburntport on the coast to explore the local shops and restaurants and find some cool new toys.

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More About Haverhill